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One of the Most Beautiful Scenes Rarely View

Explaining the Beauty of Rare Aurora – Aurora is a natural phenomenon that resembles a blazing beam of light in the sky. The aurora phenomenon usually occurs in countries located near the north pole and south pole.

Aurora which is located in the north is called the Northern Lights and for the south it is called the Southern Lights. 

The green and yellow colors of the aurora occur when ions attack oxygen at lower altitudes. While the reddish and bluish light that often appears at the bottom of the aurora, is the result of the collision of ions with nitrogen atoms.

Ions hitting hydrogen and helium atoms will later produce blue and purple auroras, although the human eye is often unable to detect this part of the electromagnetic spectrum.

To gain more knowledge about the light display of the aurora, scientists have launched satellites specifically designed to study the aurora.

Some Places That Can See Aurora

  • Tromso, Norway

A city in northern Norway called Tromso is one of the popular destinations for viewing the aurora. Tromso’s advantage in aurora tourism is the availability of the “Northern Lights Cruise” tour package, which is to watch the aurora while sailing on a cruise ship which usually runs from September to March.

  • Kangerlussuaq, Greenland

With a clear cloudless sky, Kangerlussuaq in Greenland is the best spot to watch the aurora, which usually appears between October and April throughout the year. Even tourists who visit this place do not have to walk far to see the aurora, because the aurora can usually be seen from their hotel room window.

  • Reykjavik, Iceland

The city of Reykjavik in Iceland can also be an option for viewing the spectacular aurora. This area provides several tours that will take you a bit away from the city center, to a place with clearer skies so you can see the aurora more clearly, without being touched by pollution.

  • Fairbanks, Alaska

Fairbanks, Alaska is one of the top destinations for viewing the aurora. At Fairbanks, you can enjoy the beauty of the aurora while soaking in the hot springs. Of course this will be very fun and make the experience a little different. Fairbanks is also the location of the Alaska Geophysical Institute which releases estimates of when and where the aurora will be seen.

  • Yellowknife, Canada

Canada is included in one of the countries that also promises beautiful aurora. A park called Aurora Village in Yellowknife offers an Indian-style camping experience while enjoying the aurora. This campsite provides a tent complete with heaters and chairs to witness the aurora phenomenon.

Those are some places that you can visit to see firsthand the beauty of the aurora itself. And the places above are the places where the aurora appears most often.

In addition to the names of the places above, maybe you will find it very difficult to see directly the beauty of the aurora itself.

This is something like an article about the aurora, whos presence has always been discussed by many people of the world because of its very beautiful.

But not everyone can see the aurora in various places throughout the country. Thats why we tell you where the aurora often appears.

So if you want to hunt the aurora for photos or see it in persin, the places you need have been mentioned in this article.