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A Very Beautiful Travel Destination in Bali

A very beautiful travel destination in Bali – Looking for a tourist destination in order to get your own satisfaction from the point of view of the eye, physical touch, and other comfort is a must in traveling.

Finding a destination according to recommendations or coming to a place that is not at all well known to most people can be done. Often we get destinations to good places because of travelers.

Of course, in the world, there are certainly many places that can be visited by anyone at any time. Through this article, we want to discuss one of the tourist attractions in Indonesia which is often visited by travelers.

Regional tourist attractions that we mean include BALI. Bali is located in the State of Indonesia, located on the island of Bali and geographically Indonesia, Bali’s position is in the middle. Bali is also flanked by two straits, and surrounded by water.

To get there from other countries, of course, you need to take transportation or sea transportation, but for local Indonesian citizens, going to Bali can be accessed by car and motorbike, because a connecting bridge between the island of Bali and the island of Java has been built.

If we look directly at Bali, there are more foreigners than local residents there, therefore Bali has often been known as a city of travelers from various countries.

Things that make foreign travelers come to Bali include the following:

  • They love the beach in Bali
  • Love the hospitality of the locals there
  • Very good food served by locals
  • A nightclub that is always busy and open
  • Surfing on the beach at night
  • Visit a place where there are a lot of monkeys
  • Mountain climbing
  • Doing Free Diving

There are many more reasons why travelers from abroad like destinations to Bali. Apart from the famous place, the customs and culture presented by Bali have a unique impression for tourists.

The tourists feel that what Bali has from dance, clothing, and language is unique and of course must be preserved. There are so many tourists who come to see the performances of Balinese customs, and some have even come to Bali many times just to see it.

A very beautiful travel destination in Bali

For Indonesia, Bali is indeed a central destination for tourists, so that from the Indonesian side, they always try to preserve the island of Bali. Because the island of Bali is a very popular tourist asset and must be maintained.

As we said before, the majority of the population there are tourists and not local residents, but even so the tourists are not at all arbitrary in their attitude.

They warmly welcome the locals as the locals do to the tourists. If you don’t know what currency can be used in Bali, of course it is Rupiah.

The tourists who come to Bali can exchange their money to a money changer that is available wherever they are. And there will be traveler services that will help take tourists to exchange money from any country the tourists come from into Rupiah.

Facilities available in Bali

There are many choices of facilities that can be enjoyed by local and foreign travelers. If we choose a beach destination, then surfboards, swimwear, swimming goggles, sunblock, sunglasses, banana boats, paragliding boats, diving and so on are readily available there.

Of course the price is very affordable. Even for lodging near the most famous beaches, for example Kuta beach, accommodations from 3 stars to 5 stars are provided. Of course, even 3 star accommodations are very comfortable to use for resting in Bali.

The facilities provided by the preparation are of course also complete, such as towels, toiletries, air conditioning, tv, sandals, water heater, hair dryer and so on are well available.

That’s roughly what Bali is like and why Bali is used as a destination city for travelers in the world. Hopefully this article can be useful and increase your knowledge about tourist destinations for sure.