The Mark Penthouse Hotel with the “Luxury” Category in the World

The Mark Penthouse Hotel with the “Luxury” Category in the World – A comfortable place to live is certainly the thing that we most want to enjoy in our lives today until we are old. There are so many designations for places to live such as hotels, apartments, villas, houses, home offices, and so on.

Through this article, we will discuss hotels that fall into the most luxurious category in the world. The name of this hotel is The Mark Penthouse, a luxury hotel located in the Big Apple, the city where the Statue of Liberty was erected, New York, United States.

Pampering yourself with a vacation at this hotel is sure you will feel very comfortable. This hotel is one of the best hotels in the world.

The price of The Mark Penthouse hotel alone in one night is in the range of more than 1 billion per night. From the price that is considered very expensive, it is directly proportional to what is displayed.

Architectural forms that have a classic American style are very favored here. The impression of luxury plus premium class facilities has been provided and of course we can immediately try it.

The Mark Penthouse Hotel is often used by artists, celebrities, and well-known Hollywood actors. And their impression of this hotel is that it is very worth it when viewed from the high price.

The size of this hotel is 10,000 square meters. One of the rooms equipped with amenities has the name exclusive facilities. This room has three rooms with king-type beds, there are also two other rooms with queen-size beds, served with a luxurious library in the lounge, a dining room table that can accommodate as many as 12 people, as for a super majestic dressing room.

If you look at every angle, then only the word luxury can really be judged from the looks of it. This hotel is often also used as the main destination by travelers from all over the world to try it firsthand.

Because for the traveler, the more exclusive a hotel is to rest, the more interesting it will be to try.

The Mark Penthouse, The “Luxurious” Hotel in the World

If we look from the balcony from the 10th floor, we can already see the beauty around the hotel itself. The surroundings of the hotel are very clean, like not a single dirt at all can be seen.

The living room which contains a sofa with very soft leather makes us very relaxed when sitting there. The wooden handle makes the sofa look very elegant.

The table is accompanied by clear glass which is of course very expensive but it really feels that the glass is not made cheaply.

If we look at the window then we will see the view outside our hotel directly, the thin thickness of the glass makes us think that there is no glass at all installed.

Even the air circulation is very clean, it is absolutely guaranteed that it is clean so that we are unlikely to get sick if we live in that place.

The Mark Penthouse Hotel Bathroom Full of Glamor

The most expensive room in this hotel is the bathroom, the bathroom is decorated with gold and diamonds which are very numerous, a water heater is of course provided, a hair dryer, towels or towels provided are also very soft on the skin.

Toiletries ranging from shampoo to soap are very fragrant, the bathup in the bathroom is quite large for 1 person and the shape itself is extraordinary.

Judging from the shape of the bath, we can soak in hot water there while eating, drinking, and even smoking. Oh yes, smoking is not prohibited in this hotel, because as previously said, the excellent air circulation makes us free to breathe and not congested at all

This is where our article is related to hotels that have the most luxurious impression in the world, hopefully this article can add to your insight in seeing hotel accommodations around the world.